RO Systems
Precision Engineering for Performance

Our systems are carefully engineered for high efficiency.  We don't take shortcuts.  We take into account vital factors such as fluctuations in the water quality, maximizing water recovery and product water quality at the end of membrane life.

Quality Components for Systems' Reliability

To ensure a high degree of reliability, we use proven components in every system we build, and maintain stringent quality standards.

Our decision to select each component is based on field experience gained from installations for various applications.
Our systems are warranted to the original consumer/purchaser to be free from defects in workmanship and material for one year from date of purchase.

Designed for your individual needs.

 Based on the water analysis, we can design a system best suited to your specific needs.  Our design and component selection take into account factors such as your present and future needs, normal and peak demands and space restrictions.  

We  provide consulting, design, engineering, market research, laboratory testing, pilot plant testing, application development and training for water treatment, wastewater treatment, chemical processes, food processes, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, or Microfiltration. 

Our varied experience

We have installed RO systems for various applications such as effluents from different industries and also various  process applications with capacities varying  between 200 LPH and 50000 LPH.

We were the first in India to implement nano filtration systems for brine separation from dyebath effluent .

ECA  Offers Well Designed Systems for Varied Applications

    * Potable Water
    * Desalination
    * Ultrapure Water
    * Water Reuse
    * Electroplating Rinse Water
    * Food Concentration
    * Juice Concentration
    * Pharmaceutical Separations
    * Water Purification for Spot-Free Rinse
    * Reverse Osmosis Systems for Waste Water Recycle Plants (after proper treatment)
    * Ultrapure Water Systems for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Typical Installations

    * Water purification systems for bottled water
    * Water Purification systems for hotels
    * Potable water systems for small communities
    * Water treatment systems for boiler feed water
    * Water treatment systems for automotive manufacturing
    * USP water systems for pharmaceutical industry
    * Water purification for spot-free rinse
    * Reverse osmosis systems for waste water recycle plants (after proper treatment)
    * Ultrapure water systems for semiconductor manufacturing
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