Brackish water demineralization creates cost effective drinking water
    Koch RO membranes are able to remove both salts and organics from brackish water, enabling communities with limited fresh water to increase potable water for their inhabitants. With plants as large as 51 MGD, KMS is a leader in brackish water treatment.

Long lasting, highly efficient membranes reduce demineralization and desalination costs

    Koch has a family of spiral reverse osmosis membranes for different brackish water applications. These unique thin film composite (TFC® ) membranes were developed specifically for demanding applications. Ranging in size from 2 1/2" diameter x 40" long through 8" x 60" KMS Magnum® Elements and the new 18" x 60" KMS MegaMagnum® Elements,  providing outstanding efficiency in a small space.
• Remove dissolved solids (TDS)
• Remove problem constituents such as arsenic, nitrate and pesticides
• Treat water from brackish well water (bore hole), salt marshes and brackish surface water  

Call us first! We want to help you choose the right solution for your application. Take advantage of over 13 years of membrane treatment experience. Performance is everything! Phone 09444021237 or get in touch with us through the contact us page.

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