The best in seawater desalination from the leading worldwide supplier

Koch has been supplying membranes for seawater desalination under the FLUID SYSTEMS®  brand for nearly 35 years, with installations on the Red Sea, the Arabian Gulf, the Pacific, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and every other ocean of the globe. 

Highly efficient membranes minimize desalination costs

Koch has several types of spiral reverse osmosis membranes for different seawater desalination applications. These unique thin film composite (TFC® ) membranes were developed specifically for seawater applications. The standard FLUID SYSTEMS® membranes provide 99.6% rejection, perfect for many locations. Koch has membranes specifically designed for the following applications:

Application Product Description
Land-based desalination TFC®  SS 8" 8" by 40" or 60" long (Magnum®)
Land-based desalination requiring compact construction TFC®  SS 8" (360 version) 8" by 40" or 60" long
Hotels, Condominiums TFC®  SS 4" 4" by 40" long
Ship board desalination TFC®  SW 2.5" 2.5" by 40" long
Large vessels TFC®  SS 8" 8" by 40" or 60" long
Drilling rigs TFC®  SS 4" 4" by 40" long
Pilot studies TFC®  SW 2.5" 2.5" by 40" long
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