Wherever Ultrafiltration (UF) is required, sophisticated end users depend on innovative thinking and solutions from Koch Membrane Systems.

KOCH manufactures ultrafiltration membranes in tubular,hollow fiber,spiral and flat sheet configurations.

UF is a low pressure (5 - 150 psig) process for separating larger size solutes from aqueous solutions by means of a semi-permeable membrane.

· Retains oils, particulate matter, bacteria and suspended solids large macromolecules and proteins
· Passes most surfactants, water, acid and alkaline compounds
· Pore sizes ranging from 0.005 – 0.1 micron; 1K – 500K MWCO
· Permeate is clear (non-turbid) solution void of suspended solids

Most Koch UF products for industrial applications are designed for crossflow separation, where a feed stream is introduced into the membrane element under pressure and passed over the membrane surface in a controlled flow path. A portion of the feed passes through the membrane and is called permeate. The rejected materials are flushed away in a stream called the concentrate. Crossflow membrane filtration uses a high cross flow rate to enhance permeate passage and reduce membrane fouling.

Koch crossflow membrane filtration controls the effect of concentration polarization and the gel layer. It provides the most rapid, and hence economic, continuous membrane filtration.

For municipal applications, Koch offers hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes that can be integrity tested to demonstrate that the UF system is retaining bacteria and viruses. Municipal UF systems can operate in either a single pass or recirculation mode. Hollow fiber membranes also have the capability to be backwashed, where filtered water is pushed backwards through the membrane to remove accumulated solids on the membrane surface. Koch municipal UF systems provide flexibility to operate in a range of conditions that can optimized for a specific water source to reduce operating costs. Typical pressures for these systems are in the range of 10 -20 psi.

Koch also manufactures the advanced PURON® membrane bioreactor technology for use in treating industrial and municipal wastewater.  Unlike the positive pressure and controlled flow path of crossflow membrane filtration, PURON® ultrafiltration modules are submerged in basins of wastewater, and a slight negative pressure draws water through the walls of the fiber from the outside to the inside.  These submerged hollow fiber membrane modules have numerous advantages over conventional wastewater treatment technology.  The effluent quality is very high, meeting stringent regulations for discharge.  When reclaiming wastewater, the effluent can be reused as process water or for irrigation.  Since clarifiers are not needed capital expense is lower, and the amount of plant space required is also less.

Examples of UF Applications



Concentrate (Retentate)

Benefits of UF

Potable Water

Potable water free of suspended solids, turbidity, bacteria and large viruses

Water, particulate solids

Certified for 4-log removal of bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium and viruses from drinking water.

Turbidity < 0.1 NTU

Oily Wastewater

Oil free (< 50 mg/L) water

Water, suspended solids, insoluble metal hydroxides, etc.

Consistent permeate water quality even when feed composition subject to upsets.  Highly concentrated oil emulsion for waste disposal.

Electrocoat Paint

Water, dissolved salts and solvents

Water, paint resins and pigments

Allows the recovery of valuable paint resins and pigments.


Lactose and salts solution

Protein concentrate

Protein concentration at lower energy cost than evaporation.


Lactose and salts solution

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

Protein concentration at lower energy cost than evaporation.

Apple juice clarification

Low turbidity, clear juice

Juice, suspended solids, pulp, colloidal haze particles.

Removes suspended solids and turbidity while allowing the passage of juice, sugar and taste.

Reuse of municipal wastewater

Water free of suspended solids, bacteria & viruses

Turbidity < 0.1 NTU

SDI15 < 3

Water, particulate solids

Polishes biologically treated municipal effluent for discharge, reuse, or feed to reverse osmosis

Industrial MBR e.g. malting industry Water Containing*:

Suspended solids < 0.1 mg/liter
BOD 2-3 mg/liter
COD 100-200 mg/liter
Ntotal 1/2 mg/liter
Ptotal <1 mg/liter

*sample values
Malting wastewater, activated sludge Meets stringent effluent discharge requirements, eliminates solids, reduces wastewater discharge fees, and requires less space than conventional wastewater treatment


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