Dolphin RO System

Water is referred to as our most precious resource. Without it, life would cease to exist on earth. Today we are polluting the water faster then nature can clean it up. As a result drinkable water as per WHO standards is found rarely.
Due to pollution day - by - day water contamination is increasing at major sources of water, such as river, bore wells, reservoirs. These contaminations such as bacteria, virus, suspended matters, harmful minerals like fluoride, arsenic and lead, excessive dissolved salts of calcium, magnesium and sodium and hardness causes serious problem to human health.

The most prevalent system sold in the market today is water purification by  UV rays. There are many disadvantages in this type of treatment. Ultra Violet water purifier only inactivate microbes, that too they cannot remove protozoan cysts of amoebae and giardia. Also it does not reduce salt content of water. However, the water we drink contains insecticide & pesticides which causes cancer, sodium which causes heart disease, calcium which causes kidney stones, magnesium which causes gall bladder stones, lead which leads to mental retardation, fluoride which causes fluorosis, arsenic which causes poisoning and iron which causes constipation & dysentery . The only safest solution we have is Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Systems ( RO). Reverse osmosis water purifiers can virtually make any water potable. reverse osmosis purifier gives you sweet, pure and safe drinking water eliminating the harmful chemicals, microbes and excess salt and hardness from the water

In an RO System the water passes through semi-permeable membrane of 0.0001 micron gauge which filters out even tiniest of microbes or soluble or insoluble pollutants and dissolved solids and softens hard water.

Our R.O. machine removes excess TDS from the raw water and revives the original taste of pure water. The R.O. technology is widely accepted and proven and hence more and more people are switching over to R.O. machines for their drinking water purification need. Our R.O. machine comes in 2 convenient models ie., wall mounted and Dolphin models.



Dolphin produces purified water @ 8 liters per hour. This model provides pure and safe drinking water by removing physical, Microbiological as well as the chemical impurities of water. It can be placed in kitchen to give a cutie look.Fully automatic plant with auto start and auto off & inbuilt tank.

  • No Installation, Just Plug & Drink
  • Opaque body
  • Quick-Connect Filters for Easy Maintenance
  • 8-10-15 LPH out put
  • 5-Stage Complete Reverse Osmosis
  • Suitable for average homes
  • Best Kitchen Companion with Opaque Tank having Capacity 8 Ltrs
  • Pure water is always available on demand through storage tanks

Call us first! We want to help you choose the right solution for your application. Take advantage of over 13 years of water treatment experience. Performance is everything! Phone 09444021237 or get in touch with us through the contact us page.

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